Friday, July 29, 2011

It was rough.

Today was just a crummy day. It started off with a tiny poisoned baby raccoon near my bus stop (seriously, who the fuck does that? If you don't want raccoons in your garbage, keep your bin sealed tightly. If you are worried about them messing with your pets, keep your pets inside. It is safer for your pets anyway — it is a busy road, animals get hit) I know that it was poisoned and not hit because there was no damage to the body, and the poor thing was just laying on someone's driveway.

It ended with me finding out that someone who I thought was a friend doesn't like me and can barely tolerate me.

There was a bunch of other messy stuff during the day — family drama and other issues.

I'm a bit sad tonight, not gonna lie. Not going to go too far into it because I'm not trying to be whiny, and it really is just a bunch of first world problems. Tomorrow should be better.

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