Friday, July 22, 2011

20 by 20

  • Read 50 ebooks, five of which in French.
  • Climb a mountain 
  • Make a massive purchase or decide against one.
  • Get to and maintain a weight of 120 lbs. (Am currently about 155, look/dance my best at 120)
  • Maintain my skin care routine for 90 consecutive days. 
  • Maintain my tooth whitening routine for 90 consecutive days
  • Weigh myself daily for 90 consecutive days. 
  • Go on two vacations — a weekend at the beach counts. 
  • Save $1000 — and put it in a legit savings account. 
  • Be able to do 40 pushups with perfect form.
  • Run three miles in less than 28 minutes. 
  • Perfect my eyebrows — they are the one aspect of my beauty routine I can't seem to work out. 
  • Find one more volunteer opportunity that I am very passionate about. 
  • Post real, quality posts here every day for 90 consecutive days.
  • Get a tattoo. I have so many ideas, one of which I have wanted since I was 15, and I keep chickening out. When I get to my goal weight, I will get my tattoo.
  • Study for and pass into an advanced math class by winter term. 
  • Meet my beloved's father and spend the holidays with his family. (If asked.)
  • Take at least one ballet class per week. They can be expensive, but are so worthwhile. They make me happy. 
  • Send for my passport and set up summer plans. 
  • Do five stupid, irrational, beautifully fun things. 
These are the things that I am going to do before my twentieth birthday. I set up the page, and will be ticking things off as I go. I'm super excited! 

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