Tuesday, July 5, 2011

OOTD/FOTD: I didn't have work today. It shows.

I'm double dipping: Meeting my outfit of the day goal and one of my face of the day goals all at once! 

I was so lazy today. I just threw on comfy clothes and base makeup. I'm wearing Bobbi Brown stick foundation in porcelain, Bobbi Brown SPF 15 lib balm, and a mix of a cheap Revlon eyeshadow/Shiro Cosmetics Master Sword on my eyes. I finished it off with a bit of MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack and the best mascara ever... The review is coming! (Grow Luscious FTW!!!!)

I put an amazing deep treatment on my hair, and shoved it in a bun. Messy, but nice smelling and it made my hair look decent. 

The outfit is the most comfortable, awesome, amazing thing ever. It looks good in motion, but terrible in photos. The grey top? Soft and amazing, and has this fantastic knitted back that I forgot to grab a picture of.

Yeah, I'm sexy. Not. 

But, really. I went grocery shopping. How hot does one need to look while getting paper towels and watermelon? 

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