Monday, July 25, 2011

The best sort of exhaustion.

I took a half day today, which is so out of character for me. I am not the half day type, usually too dedicated to the job to leave without being violently ill. Today my mum texted me while I was on the bus to work, and said that they were going canoeing with my grandfather. I knew right then and there that I wasn't going to stay at work all day.

See, my grandfather is turning 88 in less than two weeks. Going canoeing with him is important. Spending time with my family is important. Spending 4 hours getting screamed at to earn $42 before taxes is less important. I know that I won't miss the money, but will always want for more time with my grandfather. It is a small price to pay.

This job is killing my soul. One of the women is gunning for me, and I have started dressing down to avoid looking good. Every time I look decent, she comes after me. I don't mean sleazy decent, I mean "mid-calf length black sleeved dress with collar from the mid-fifties" decent. I'm not big into short dresses (the one dress picture I posted? It was the first and only time I wore the dress. Too uncomfortably short.)

This woman is quite short and quite heavy. I don't know why she enjoys coming after me, because I'm literally no threat. I get on well with everyone, am good at my job, but will be going back to school in the fall. This is a seasonal job, and I'm thrilled for the chance to gain experience/get paid, but I have no desire to make it a forever thing. I am completely, mad passionate in love with my boyfriend. I'm not dressing in a way to get attention, nor am I dressing in a way that is offensive to my male workmates. I have one person there who I consider a real friend, and he is in a very committed relationship as well. (With a blonde, so not only are we not flirting, I'm the exact opposite of his type.)

Ultimately, I go to work, do my job to the best of my ability, and come home. I was kind of enjoying it until this woman decided that I'm a good target.

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