Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thoughts, and an unfortunate picture.

I'm presently stuck in the most boring oceanography lecture in the universe. I typically love this class, but since this is the last week of term and finals are next week, people are asking stupid questions. This bores that crap out of me, and makes me want to leave. I would leave the class, but we get points for staying for the full class. I like getting A's. 

Anyway, I was talking to a friend (S) a few days ago, and the conversation has stuck in my head. We were discussing our everyday makeup/clothing, and which was more important as far as other people's perceptions go. To me, if I see someone in a somewhat boring outfit but with their hair and makeup done, I think it is intentional. I know that when I get stressed out, I wear a cute sweatshirt and leggings with heels and light makeup. I still look semi-polished, but not as "done" as I would normally like. (See above look. Yay finals and nasty landlords!)  

I know that I don't get as many doors opened for me when I wear flats and don't wear makeup. I don't get too offended by it, because I haven't put any effort in. S thinks that is wrong, that people should be perceived the same way all the time because they are the same person whether or not they put effort in. I disagree with this. I know that I get up a bit earlier to do my hair and makeup, and I consider it a part of putting my best foot forward. I don't expect to show up in sweats and be treated as though I'm wearing a gown. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone is having an amazing holiday! We went for lattes and just started preparations for dinner. I'm so excited because everyone is coming. Sadfaced though, because B isn't going to be here until seven or so tonight; another nine hours.

I'm off to drown my sorrows in mashed potatoes :)

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I hate having short nails. I feel like I look unpolished, and almost immature, as odd as it sounds. I don't feel that way when I see other people with short nails, but the moment my nails start breaking, I get annoyed. My fingers seem fatter and I feel less elegant.

I admit, when my nail broke yesterday, I went out and bought glue on fakes, which were terrible and popped off in less than a day (full review coming when I get my computer back.) I am going to dinner with my boyfriend and his extended family tomorrow, and I wanted to look perfect. However, I painted my natural nails today, and I'm okay with them. I mean, this is who I am. There are plenty of thing to judge me on, and my nails should be the least of my worries. I'm excited to meet them, and am going to try to take it easy on myself. I get so carried away in my pursuit of perfection sometimes, and I need to remember that it is okay, and no one else is going to care how my nails look.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Something New.

This week I have done two things: Develop a massively unfortunately blemish on my chin, and get glasses.  

Everyone in my family has glasses, and I knew that I was eventually going to have to get them myself. Last week I was sitting in class and I realized that I couldn't read the stuff on the PowerPoint. I got out to my car and called my mum's eye doctor, setting up an eye appointment that I went to yesterday.

Apparently, I'm near sighted. And I have to wear these all the time. I go between being okay with it to being a tad frustrated. I lose my phone/purse/brain all the time, and I'm afraid that these are going to be just one more thing.

I do so love how clear everything is now though! 

I'm off to work, and am going straight from there to my grandmum's, because tomorrow is a holiday and I don't have classes. YAY!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Are Annoyed.

For some reason I am having incredible difficulties in getting my photos from my 4S to my Macbook. It is making me Grrrrfaced, which is never a good thing. So, in lieu of my awesome post on Laura Mercier eyeliner, you get ancient photobooth images of me. They are completely loltastic, so I figured they would be worthwhile.

This first image is from about a year ago:

This one is from two years ago:

I always seem so intense in my photos. Seriously, who do I think I am?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Why I'm Returning My Kindle Keyboard 3G With Ads.

I really wanted to love it. I had looked forward to receiving it, and it was one of my big purchases of the fall. I thought that it would be fantastic, and I kept holding on to it, expecting it to be better. Unfortunately, it doesn't do anything better than my iPad or iPhone could do, and the fact that their library  is going to be so limited definitely plays into my decision. I read a lot, and I read very, very fast. I can get through a 250 page cheap fiction novel in less than an hour, and I love it. I had previously bought books through the Kindle app on my Droid, and read them there. I had no problem, but I thought that the E-Ink would be easier on my eyes. Truthfully, there is no real or noticeable difference, at least not for me. I do like the weight difference, and the ease of clicking through the pages. 

The fact that the library is only twelve books a year kills my enthusiasm. I had hoped that I would be able to purchase Amazon Prime, and read unlimited books, albeit one at a time. Twelve books a year is an insanely small amount of books. Especially for a dedicated E-Reader. Also, the Kindle takes forever to wake up from sleep mode. I mean, I flick the button, and nearly a minute later, it responds. Not remotely okay. I understand that they want me to see the ads, but I don't need to see the same Twilight movie ad for a minute to understand what they are trying to sell. 

Overall, this was a major disappointment, and not worth $149. If it goes on sale for under $90 on Black Friday, I might consider repurchasing it, but I would be hard-pressed to pay this price.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rite Aid Pharmacy is awesome.

I know this is random, but I have to post about the awesomeness that is my local Rite Aid. See, I have been on Yaz for about five years now, to keep my skin clear. I get horrific cystic acne, and this is one of the few things that keeps it to a minimum. I get maybe six breakouts a year, as opposed to 10-15+ all the time. It was that bad.

I usually had my prescription filled at Costco pharmacy, and it was always a hassle. I was never sure why, because my doctor has made this prescription pretty much open-ended, I have no other health issues, and my insurance coverage hasn't changed. I pick it up at the same place, around the same time, every four weeks. This isn't something I skip, something I change, something I miss. The acne breakouts are incredibly painful and embarrassing, and I will break out if I miss pills. Yet, I would call three days in advance to have it filled, and they would never have it ready when I arrived. I just thought it was normal.

I recently moved house, and I decided to switch over to a pharmacy closer to my apartment. I called Rite Aid around 4pm today, and I asked if they could have the prescription transferred over. They said yes, and that they would call me when it was ready.

I got a call around 7pm today, and I missed it because I was driving. I got to the Rite Aid around 8, thinking they had probably run into problems and needed more information for me.

They had it ready for me. I was in the store for less than two minutes. I kid you not, it was that easy. I will get all of my prescription filled there from here on in, because I didn't have to mess around. I am busy, and this was just amazing.

Fuck yeah, Rite Aid. You are the win.

*Just to make things clear, I am in no way affiliated with Rite Aid. Not at all. They don't have any idea as to my existence, this blog, or the fact that I think they rock. I received no compensation for any of this.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The iPhone 4S. Finally.

I know I swore up and down that I would have this post up sooner, but I ended up working 40 hours this week along with horrible, horrible midterms, and when I got home I just wanted to spend time with B and relax. 

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a white 32gb iPhone 4S about two weeks ago. My old Droid X was shutting itself off and on whenever I received a call, and it was driving me insane. I would miss calls, get voicemail, and it wouldn't alert me to any of it. I was in Salem one night, and my phone got super hot and reset itself, and I knew I was done. 

I went to the Verizon store, and was horrifically thrilled to find that they had one, and ONLY one left. I bought it right then and there, and we have not been apart yet. 

I'm going to compare it to the Droids I had before, the DX and a Moto Droid (the first one.)

The 4S is thinner than both of them, and I feel like the body is sturdier/more expensive feeling. I really like that, but it is a bit heavy. It is also insanely fragile, so I have a thick case on it. It creates bulk, so the overall size of the phone is kind of moot. 

I love that it has a hard mute button. I just move the switch, and it mutes my phone. SO convenient. 

The screen is smaller, and I admit, it is a bit awkward. I wish that it was more screen, less body. However, the screen is more beautiful and crisp than either of my old phones. 

The OS/processor/overall pep: Omigod, this thing is perfect. Yeah. I had rooted my old phones, done everything I could, and it was never this smooth. This is incredibly fast, incredibly smooth, and it makes sense. You know what I mean? It took me zero time to understand this phone, because it is instinctual. 

The cameras: They are awesome. The forward facing camera is meh, but good enough for Facetime or checking my lipstick. The actual camera is fantastically awesome. I had an 8mp camera on the DX, and the images were never this clear.

The Apps: I know there is some drama about how controlling Apple is as far as their App Store, but it is so worth it. The same apps that I had on my Droids are so much better on this phone, I don't even know how to describe it. It is almost like the apps on the Droid were in beta, and the iPhone app is the finished product. It is truly that much better. 

Siri: Siri is awesome. I love being able to get into my car, hit a button, ask for directions and go. I have a crappy old car, and will have this crappy old car for a while. This gives me features that I wouldn't have without spending 40k on a car. However, I *only* use Siri in the car, so I don't know that it is that useful for people who don't drive/need hands free service often. 

iCloud: I have an iPad, a Macbook, and now I have an iPhone. I love that I can sync all of them. However, I haven't used this feature much. Is it a necessity? Not for me. This, however, wasn't a major sales point for me. Admittedly, it was a sort of afterthought.

Ultimately, I love my new phone. I needed a new phone, and I'm glad that I went with an iPhone.