Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thoughts, and an unfortunate picture.

I'm presently stuck in the most boring oceanography lecture in the universe. I typically love this class, but since this is the last week of term and finals are next week, people are asking stupid questions. This bores that crap out of me, and makes me want to leave. I would leave the class, but we get points for staying for the full class. I like getting A's. 

Anyway, I was talking to a friend (S) a few days ago, and the conversation has stuck in my head. We were discussing our everyday makeup/clothing, and which was more important as far as other people's perceptions go. To me, if I see someone in a somewhat boring outfit but with their hair and makeup done, I think it is intentional. I know that when I get stressed out, I wear a cute sweatshirt and leggings with heels and light makeup. I still look semi-polished, but not as "done" as I would normally like. (See above look. Yay finals and nasty landlords!)  

I know that I don't get as many doors opened for me when I wear flats and don't wear makeup. I don't get too offended by it, because I haven't put any effort in. S thinks that is wrong, that people should be perceived the same way all the time because they are the same person whether or not they put effort in. I disagree with this. I know that I get up a bit earlier to do my hair and makeup, and I consider it a part of putting my best foot forward. I don't expect to show up in sweats and be treated as though I'm wearing a gown. 

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  1. I feel you. Usually, that's what's going to happen if it's the last week of class because your mind is already preparing to do something different after it. It could be putting some mould treatment or remodeling your room or any room in your house.


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