Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rite Aid Pharmacy is awesome.

I know this is random, but I have to post about the awesomeness that is my local Rite Aid. See, I have been on Yaz for about five years now, to keep my skin clear. I get horrific cystic acne, and this is one of the few things that keeps it to a minimum. I get maybe six breakouts a year, as opposed to 10-15+ all the time. It was that bad.

I usually had my prescription filled at Costco pharmacy, and it was always a hassle. I was never sure why, because my doctor has made this prescription pretty much open-ended, I have no other health issues, and my insurance coverage hasn't changed. I pick it up at the same place, around the same time, every four weeks. This isn't something I skip, something I change, something I miss. The acne breakouts are incredibly painful and embarrassing, and I will break out if I miss pills. Yet, I would call three days in advance to have it filled, and they would never have it ready when I arrived. I just thought it was normal.

I recently moved house, and I decided to switch over to a pharmacy closer to my apartment. I called Rite Aid around 4pm today, and I asked if they could have the prescription transferred over. They said yes, and that they would call me when it was ready.

I got a call around 7pm today, and I missed it because I was driving. I got to the Rite Aid around 8, thinking they had probably run into problems and needed more information for me.

They had it ready for me. I was in the store for less than two minutes. I kid you not, it was that easy. I will get all of my prescription filled there from here on in, because I didn't have to mess around. I am busy, and this was just amazing.

Fuck yeah, Rite Aid. You are the win.

*Just to make things clear, I am in no way affiliated with Rite Aid. Not at all. They don't have any idea as to my existence, this blog, or the fact that I think they rock. I received no compensation for any of this.

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