Thursday, November 10, 2011

Something New.

This week I have done two things: Develop a massively unfortunately blemish on my chin, and get glasses.  

Everyone in my family has glasses, and I knew that I was eventually going to have to get them myself. Last week I was sitting in class and I realized that I couldn't read the stuff on the PowerPoint. I got out to my car and called my mum's eye doctor, setting up an eye appointment that I went to yesterday.

Apparently, I'm near sighted. And I have to wear these all the time. I go between being okay with it to being a tad frustrated. I lose my phone/purse/brain all the time, and I'm afraid that these are going to be just one more thing.

I do so love how clear everything is now though! 

I'm off to work, and am going straight from there to my grandmum's, because tomorrow is a holiday and I don't have classes. YAY!


  1. when i was at school i desperately wished to have to wear glasses!

  2. me too! Unfortunately, I wasn't as excited now that I have to.

  3. Nice glasses! I liek the cat eye shape :)


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