Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I have moved!

Since I returned from Chile, I decided to start a new blog: ibleedlipstick, I really enjoyed blogging here, but I felt like it was time for a change!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


This is our group! We've spent the weekend in beautiful Valparaiso/Vina del Mar, and it has been incredible. I have so much to share! 

Also, wtf happened to the page view count on Blogger? I kind of miss it....

Friday, October 12, 2012


Today we went to Isla Negra, and toured Pablo Neruda's favorite house, his house on Isla Negra. There was no photography allowed, but it was incredible. I have never seen a home so intentionally designed, or one with so many fascinating collections. The fireplaces were beautiful, and the ocean views were breathtaking. I love the ocean. 

I can only imagine how beautiful the storms are in the winter!

The stray dog that posed for us 

Dinner! It was good, but not great. Beautiful place though. 

This is just a five minute clip with the sound of the ocean.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


It seems like I just blinked and the first month went by! I have been spending a lot of time getting to know the area and my host family, and trying to learn the language. The language part has been both difficult and frustrating, because I'm understanding probably 99% of the typical conversational Spanish but my ability to respond is still lacking and it kills! I'm a chatty person and to not be able to communicate is devastating. It has been awesome though — I had a full on conversation with a girl on the bus monday, and it was the first time I really felt confident in my ability to learn a new language.

This weekend we are headed to Isla Negra, Valparaiso, and Vina del Mar, and we will see one of the houses/the tomb of Pablo Neruda. I'm really looking forward to all the exploring! I'm so looking forward to seeing all that I can — I know three days won't be anywhere near enough. I have been reading some of his work and it is so good, so beautiful. I am envious of those who have that sort of creative ability. 

Friday, October 5, 2012


This polish is another cheap one that I picked up in the checkout line, and I LOVE it. So cheap, and yet so easy. I'm always on the hunt for a varnish that I don't have to fight, one that is easy to apply and has an even consistency. This one is probably one of the best that I have used, especially when you consider the price. The brush is perfectly shaped and the color is smooth and creamy. I'm very impressed! 

The shade itself is not one I'm overly fond of — it doesn't say "Spring" to me, more of a fall shade. Other than that, I'm very impressed and plan to purchase a brighter shade tomorrow!

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Let me preface this with the truth: it had been a long, long time since I had been on a bike anywhere other than in a gym, and riding a real bike is quite different than a stationary bike. I was expecting this to be a miserable experience but worth it for the beauty, but it was a lot of fun. We really wanted to see Pisco Elqui and the surrounding area, and we eventually settled on a bike tour offered by Turismo Migrantes. They drove us to the top of the hill, and then let us find our way back to town. The photo above is where we started...

Above is the river that we went down to — one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. It had a few leftover campfire pits, and I would love to bring Brandon back here and camp under the stars. It was so peaceful, and the openness was just unreal. Getting back up the hill made me want to die, but it was worth it!

We biked a bit further and came across this breathtaking crevasse, one of several that was just incredible. I can only imagine what this would look like covered in snow.

We got back into the city surprisingly fast — the drive to the top seemed eternal, but getting back to Pisco Elqui was surprisingly prompt. I admit, I was happy to get back and have some juice! 

This was the day before the tour, at one of the hotel/bars we snuck into for a photo. The lighting was wretched, but you can see the important things: The beauty of the valley and the crevasse behind me. Incredible. I'm so happy to be in Chile.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Last week we had a lot of free time, so a few of the girls in the group and I went on a little bus trip up to La Serena/Vicuna/Pisco Elqui for a few nights. I've split up the photos between the two posts so as not to inundate you, but it was breathtaking. 

First stop was La Serena, a mid-size coastal city. It was a long, long bus ride (12 hours+ total) and we were pretty tired when we arrived. We didn't really do much in the way of touring the first day, but we did go for a shortish afternoon walk to the beach. I was surprised at how warm the water was! I am used to the frigid waters of Oregon, and I assumed that the water here would be the same. I really enjoyed slipping my shoes off and enjoying the warm sand and water after the long day!

The main strip had several sculptures, mostly portraying people in acts of bathing or playing with children. This bathtub fascinated me though! Why? Why have a random tub on the side of a walkway? What does it mean?

We spent one night in La Serena, and then traveled to the Pisco Elqui/Vicuna area. We went to Vicuna for the observatories, and it was so worthwhile. The ozone layer is much thinner here than it is in Oregon, and the visibility was amazing. Watching the stars that night, looking into the telescopes, every minute was just mesmerizing. There was such a peaceful stillness there on the mountain, and I hope to experience that again.

Random tidbit: Chile has a great deal of the same franchises/stores as Oregon, and I had seen several McDonalds while here, but no Subways. I had just spent a solid 20 seconds whining about it while walking past McDonalds #20000 when we came across this beauty. I don't eat a ton of Subway in the U.S., but this was such a nice taste of home. I really, really enjoyed that veggie sub! We ate local cuisine every other night, and only stopped here because it was a holiday and a great deal of the good, non-chain restaurants were closed. I'm really trying to eat/shop local as much as I can while here.