About Me!

Hi! I'm Cat, and welcome to my blog. I'm 20 years old, double majoring in Chemical and Nuclear Engineering with a minor in Spanish. I hope to be a surgeon!

 I'm currently studying Spanish in Chillan, Chile, so right now I'm posting a lot of travel related posts. Normally, when I'm at home in the States, I post about my life, my fashion choices, and makeup. I'm really crappy at keeping a journal, so this is my attempt to remember this time in my life. I swear, it is going by so fast!

(We have a huge height difference, about 8 inches, and getting decent photos is nearly impossible!) 

I'm engaged to a truly amazing man named Brandon, and he occasionally pops up in my posts. We are looking at a Summer 2014 wedding, and I'm happily procrastinating as far wedding planning goes.  Honestly, I just want to rent a campground on the beach and have a party. I want our wedding to be a celebration of love, of our love for each other and our love for our friends. Ideally, a evening wedding that ends in skinny dipping in the ocean and lots of laughter. 

I also do a fair bit of baking, and that occasionally pops up here as well. Not too often, because it typically doesn't come out as beautiful as it tastes, and also because it tends to get eaten before I get a chance to photograph it (See above, Brandon likes to hover in the kitchen and snagged a brownie the minute it was frosted! My cupcake brownies really are delicious :)

I'm pretty active, and I love hiking + camping, and random car trips. I like to post about our (mis) adventures, and so much more! 

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! If you want to share a recipe or feel chatty, feel free to email me at greycaterina@gmail.com.