Friday, November 4, 2011

Why I'm Returning My Kindle Keyboard 3G With Ads.

I really wanted to love it. I had looked forward to receiving it, and it was one of my big purchases of the fall. I thought that it would be fantastic, and I kept holding on to it, expecting it to be better. Unfortunately, it doesn't do anything better than my iPad or iPhone could do, and the fact that their library  is going to be so limited definitely plays into my decision. I read a lot, and I read very, very fast. I can get through a 250 page cheap fiction novel in less than an hour, and I love it. I had previously bought books through the Kindle app on my Droid, and read them there. I had no problem, but I thought that the E-Ink would be easier on my eyes. Truthfully, there is no real or noticeable difference, at least not for me. I do like the weight difference, and the ease of clicking through the pages. 

The fact that the library is only twelve books a year kills my enthusiasm. I had hoped that I would be able to purchase Amazon Prime, and read unlimited books, albeit one at a time. Twelve books a year is an insanely small amount of books. Especially for a dedicated E-Reader. Also, the Kindle takes forever to wake up from sleep mode. I mean, I flick the button, and nearly a minute later, it responds. Not remotely okay. I understand that they want me to see the ads, but I don't need to see the same Twilight movie ad for a minute to understand what they are trying to sell. 

Overall, this was a major disappointment, and not worth $149. If it goes on sale for under $90 on Black Friday, I might consider repurchasing it, but I would be hard-pressed to pay this price.

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