Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The iPhone 4S. Finally.

I know I swore up and down that I would have this post up sooner, but I ended up working 40 hours this week along with horrible, horrible midterms, and when I got home I just wanted to spend time with B and relax. 

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a white 32gb iPhone 4S about two weeks ago. My old Droid X was shutting itself off and on whenever I received a call, and it was driving me insane. I would miss calls, get voicemail, and it wouldn't alert me to any of it. I was in Salem one night, and my phone got super hot and reset itself, and I knew I was done. 

I went to the Verizon store, and was horrifically thrilled to find that they had one, and ONLY one left. I bought it right then and there, and we have not been apart yet. 

I'm going to compare it to the Droids I had before, the DX and a Moto Droid (the first one.)

The 4S is thinner than both of them, and I feel like the body is sturdier/more expensive feeling. I really like that, but it is a bit heavy. It is also insanely fragile, so I have a thick case on it. It creates bulk, so the overall size of the phone is kind of moot. 

I love that it has a hard mute button. I just move the switch, and it mutes my phone. SO convenient. 

The screen is smaller, and I admit, it is a bit awkward. I wish that it was more screen, less body. However, the screen is more beautiful and crisp than either of my old phones. 

The OS/processor/overall pep: Omigod, this thing is perfect. Yeah. I had rooted my old phones, done everything I could, and it was never this smooth. This is incredibly fast, incredibly smooth, and it makes sense. You know what I mean? It took me zero time to understand this phone, because it is instinctual. 

The cameras: They are awesome. The forward facing camera is meh, but good enough for Facetime or checking my lipstick. The actual camera is fantastically awesome. I had an 8mp camera on the DX, and the images were never this clear.

The Apps: I know there is some drama about how controlling Apple is as far as their App Store, but it is so worth it. The same apps that I had on my Droids are so much better on this phone, I don't even know how to describe it. It is almost like the apps on the Droid were in beta, and the iPhone app is the finished product. It is truly that much better. 

Siri: Siri is awesome. I love being able to get into my car, hit a button, ask for directions and go. I have a crappy old car, and will have this crappy old car for a while. This gives me features that I wouldn't have without spending 40k on a car. However, I *only* use Siri in the car, so I don't know that it is that useful for people who don't drive/need hands free service often. 

iCloud: I have an iPad, a Macbook, and now I have an iPhone. I love that I can sync all of them. However, I haven't used this feature much. Is it a necessity? Not for me. This, however, wasn't a major sales point for me. Admittedly, it was a sort of afterthought.

Ultimately, I love my new phone. I needed a new phone, and I'm glad that I went with an iPhone.

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