Saturday, December 10, 2011


Do you ever get a whiff of something, and it just takes you places? Like, the smell of fresh cut grass takes me back to my grandmum's house when I was about 8, playing in the yard in the crazy daisy (a weird sprinkler thing) 

I used up this shower gel about two months ago, and I still haven't had the heart to throw the bottle away. The funny thing is that, when I got it, I wasn't overwhelmed with the scent. Someone had given it to my mum, and she didn't like it, and she passed it off to me. It was over the summer, when I was working a town away from B and miserable. 

One night, after a wretched day at work, we talked. We talked just about every night, but this night was different. He could tell I was upset, stressed out, and just done. 

He came and picked me up. I know that doesn't sound like much, but he lived an hour away from where I was, and he had just gotten off of a 9 hour shift at work. It was midnight, but he was coming to take me home. 

I threw some random stuff into a bag, and this shower gel was part of it. I ended up leaving it at our apartment, and I would use it on the nights he would take me home (it happened about twice a month after that.)

This shower gel reminds me of the relaxed feeling of crawling into our bed after a hot shower. It reminds me of the dinners we had sitting on the floor, because we still hadn't had a chance to furnish the place. It reminds me of standing outside, in front of my grandmum's, waiting for him to arrive. 

It reminds me of how good it is to be loved. 

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