Saturday, July 16, 2011

Someone I once knew

We have all had that moment when we see someone who looks just like someone we knew. They may not look all that much like them, or they may not act like them, but for one moment you feel every aspect of that relationship come back to you. Then you get closer, and you realize that this is not your person. They are older/younger or are nothing like the one you love. And you feel somewhat sheepish having experienced all of that emotion, but you spend the rest of the day in a bit of a daze, thinking of them. It is equally strange being on the receiving end of it. As I mentioned before, I'm currently at a women's retreat, and there are only a handful of men on the site. I was walking down to set up the tables for dinner, and I saw one of the men who run the site. I smiled, and he got that look on his face, that one people get when they are looking at one person but seeing someone else. I kept walking, not really thinking much about it. He came in to the dining room and asked if I was from a certain city. I said no, and then he said "of course not. You are much younger than me" (he is in his early 40's probably) and began walking away. He then turned around, and almost as an afterthought turned around and said "well, there is a woman from (insert town name here) who is older than you, but looks just like you."

It just made me think. Who was this woman to him? Was she a friend? A lover? Or just an old acquaintance? Was she a major part of his life, or just someone he went on a date with?

He is married with kids, so I doubt there is any sort of regret, but I always wonder.

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