Friday, July 1, 2011

Plans and Goals for July.

June was a long month for me! I have set up a bit of a plan for July though:

  • I am going to post daily. I really love to post, and I miss posting when I am unable to. I want to start setting aside a bit of time each day to sip my coffee, relax, and post. 
  • I am going to post the reviews of each product that I planned to review last month at some point this week, and post a list of the products that I am reviewing this month either tomorrow or Sunday. 
  • I am going to work on my diet and exercise. My diet/exercise regimen has been nonexistent since I started my desk job, and I slowly put on a bit of pudge. Not much, but about 5 pounds. I have another two months at this job, and I would rather not put on another ten pounds. I want to eat right, exercise 2 hours a week, and hopefully get back to 135lbs. 
  • I am going to start posting weekly outfit posts and biweekly fotd posts. 
I am also contemplating starting a youtube. I'm crazy chatty and would love to start doing a few tutorials, but I almost feel like I'm late to the party. We will see. 

Also... I'm wondering how weird it would to be sort of "Day in the life" type of post? I have read a few blogs that are dedicated to those posts, where you take a photo an hour from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. I might try that this month! My life is pretty boring, but I would love to show people around my little town here. 

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  1. lol You pretty much have the same plans and goals I do! I hope you reach all of them! ^_^

    It's funny how you say June has been a long month for you. I felt like it flew by for me (and that's a good thing)! In fact, I think this whole year has passed me by pretty quick, I feel lol

    But anyways, thanks for sharing doll! <3


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