Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Mat 8 Review and Swatch

Wretched picture, I know. I was just so excited to show you my new lipstick!!!! 

I bought this on Sunday, wore it for the first time on Monday, and today was the first day that I had access to a camera. I love this lipstick! I am definitely coming back into my red lipstick love, so prepare to be inundated with pictures of awesome reds. 

This is a creamy, bright, blue-red. Definitely a true red, and perfect for someone with a cool skin tone like mine. It is a rather odd texture in the tube, and it is a bit surprising when applied. Because it is so firm and applies with such incredible pigmentation, I expected it to not want to blend out at all when I smudged my lips. It did. 

Let me say here and now, it passed my sustainable red test. I don't like a red lipstick that has to be applied and kept up with a brush. I don't like to carry a lipstick brush, so if the lipstick has to be brushed on, it will rarely be worn. Red lips require upkeep, and this one makes it super easy. 

It also wears off well. I ate lunch, and then went to the restroom to see how it fared. It had worn off, but in an even enough way that I could have thrown a bit of gloss over it and made it look like a bit of a stain. 

The packaging is nothing to write home about, but is smooth and fits into my bag well. 

I do want to say that it seals well. Nothing annoys me more than a lipstick that pops open in my bag. Seriously, why do makeup companies sell lipsticks with crappy tubes? I mean, if my lipstick pops open while I'm carrying it, I'm not going to be able to finish the tube, nor am I going to be like "Man, I want another one to open up and get all over my makeup bag, causing me to have to clean everything and probably purchase a new bag." Yes, it has happened before, and no, it does not make me a happy Kat. 

Overall? I highly recommend this lipstick. 

On a personal note, I might be getting a dog. I was looking at Petfinder, and I found a dog a few hours away from me that may be put down on Thursday, for no reason except for overcrowding at the shelter. I don't know that I will be approved, because we live in an apartment, but I would love this girl. Her name is Bunches, she is a year old, and she is a boxer mix. I really hope that we are able to get her. 

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