Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Pro Primer 002

I saw this at my local Wal-Mart while killing time, and had to try it. I'm always on the search for the next awesome primer, and I like Rimmel products, so I had been hoping this would be good. 

It says it does five things in one:

It also says that you can use it alone as well as under makeup. Being the slightly literal person that I am, I took them up on their word. I don't tend to wear much makeup, and my skin is pretty good right now, so I figured that I wouldn't have any sort of problem. 

Yeah. No. 

Wearing this along is probably one of the biggest makeup crimes I have committed in a long time. It didn't mattify, smooth, or resurface, and I have no idea what it is supposed to protect. However, it most definitely did brighten a few specific areas of my face: any sort of redness, blemish, or irritation. 

Whatever you do, DO NOT wear this without makeup. For any reason. Whatsoever. Trust me. Having nothing on would be better than using this. Even if you think you have fabulous skin, this will have a way of bringing out any sort of issue you may have. 

Under makeup it is okay. As a primer, it sort of reminds me of that drugstore tip to use anti-chafe ointment as a cheap primer. They are similar in texture, but this is a bit more runny/white. I usually use MAC Prep+Prime SPF 50, and in comparison this is a .5 star out of 5. 

Under makeup, and not compared to MAC, it is 2 stars. Not amazing, but not terrible. I wouldn't recommend it to other people unless they needed something in a pinch. It smells okay and does make a cream foundation blend out better on semi-dry skin, but doesn't do much beyond that. Plus, it doesn't have so much as a measly SPF 15, which is a must.

Also, my internet issues/personal issues have all been resolved, and I'm back to posting/commenting as usual. I'm going to post my 20 by 20 this week! 

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