Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fear Makes the Wolf Look Bigger

I am not a fearful person. I just tend to avoid things that I know won't be pleasant. I have finally come to the conclusion that dreading the unpleasantness is almost worse than the thing itself, and I have been working towards avoiding things less. I have stopped letting myself dread going to work, and instead am trying to be more productive while there. I also met with a friend who I had been semi-avoiding today, and am looking at meeting the boy's parents. 

I had intended to post daily this month, but I have had some petty life annoyances that had put me in a funk, and I had no desire to post. I'm also fairly certain that my posts would have been semi-negative, and I didn't want to share pointless negativity here. I would rather post more irregular posts that are high-quality than post daily crap. 

Creeper guy from the coffee shop/library and bagel store found me again, and tried to hit on me while I was waiting for the bus and while I was on the bus. I no longer feel bad for him. I feel angry. I understand hitting on someone, but people need to be willing to take no for an answer. When he stopped respecting my right to say no, I stopped feeling pity for him.

I ordered Illamasqua Cream Foundation in shade #115 from Asos. I can't wait to receive it!

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