Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Self-Improvements — Running!

I am not a runner. It just isn't my thing — my parents met in a running class, and I guess they hoped that I would share the passion. Personally, I prefer ballet, swimming and zumba. Running is just meh.

However, my beloved loves to run. I love my beloved. He is open to doing all of my things with me, so I feel like I should probably put a bit of an effort into his things. I am also doing this for me, because I want to know what it feels like to do well in a race.

Soooo... here is my plan:

A neighboring city has a summer solstice run at one of my favorite parks. It is an evening run, and is only 10k.

It is June 24th. I started practicing for it on May 25th, and I hope to do it in under an hour. It will be difficult, because I have literally no experience running and don't want to die. This is a challenge for myself, and it will be a fun bonding experience with B. (Or he will watch me die. Either way, it will change our relationship....)

I will probably be tweeting my practice run times, along with basic whining. It should be rather entertaining for all of the serious runners out there! If I am feeling especially brave, I will post before and after shots the day of the race. It should be something like "Well made up, happy looking Kat" at the beginning, and "Decaying Kat corpse" at the end. Super fun!

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