Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Self-Improvements — Nail issues!

I have been wanting to do something that would become a weekly feature, but wouldn't be the same as everyone else, and would be new and relatively interesting each week. I have settled on Saturday Self-Improvements, which will basically feature one aspect of my life that I am trying to work on — be it a physical, mental, or social improvement.

I have the weirdest nails. They aren't weak, they grow fast enough, but... I have one nail that always, always peels. The middle finger of my right hand is constantly peeling, and I'm not quite sure why. None of my other nails on that hand peel, and I don't do anything abnormal with that nail.

Soooo, my goal for this week is to put a real effort into taking care of my nails.

I have used Hard as Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream before, and it worked well. I just have to remember to actually put it on. I'm going to use a wide variety of hand creams as well, and post a picture of my nails two weeks from today! I took this picture on the 16th, so there has been some growth since then, but not an insane amount.

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