Friday, May 20, 2011

I wear clothes! #1

Let me preface this post with the acknowledgement of the fact that I am not beautiful. I really am not, and I know this. I am okay with this. The only reason this blog is called Beautiful, but Cold is because I have been called it twice. I also know that I am heavy, and I am working on it — I have been in Weight Watchers for a few months, and have slowly lost ten pounds. I am doing it slowly and safely, and will soon look far better than I do now.

Also, these pictures were taken with my Droid X. I will eventually have a better camera, and am putting photoshop on my computer tonight, so my images will be improving. Thank you for your patience as I work these things out!

Today was the first time I wore the dress, and I was less impressed than I should have been. I have a fairly large chest, and it sort of smushed it down and made it look like a basic fat. I did get multiple compliments, so I know that it wasn't terrible, just not what I wanted. 

Also, I wore my hair up in a bun during class, which is why it is semi-awkward here. 

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