Thursday, May 12, 2011

Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Review Part 1

I am going to be reviewing this in three parts — One part now, one part after I have washed my hair the first time, and then one part after 30 days.

Let me start off by saying that I rarely straighten my hair because I have to use a crap-ton of hair spray and the second I walk outside my hair is frizzy and wavy again. I don't really have curly hair, but I have thick hair that is baby fine. And I live in Oregon. Not a good mix!

Because my hair is only slightly wavy, I really want for this to make my hair smooth and controlled looking. The package also says that it will make it easier and quicker to blow dry smooth, and that would be a huge plus.

On to the review!

When you open the box, there are three things:

Thin, crappy gloves (like food service gloves at a public elementary school)
A fairly large packet of shampoo
A nice bottle of the treatment, like what is shown on the front of the box.

The box says to wash your hair with the shampoo, leaving it on for two minutes, and not condition it.
Towel dry until your hair is 80% dry, and apply the treatment to two inch sections of hair without massaging it into your scalp or oversaturating your hair..

I washed my hair with the shampoo, and was thankful that it didn't strip my hair color. The shampoo was super watery, and a bit difficult to get onto my hair, but lathered well. Really, really well. When I rinsed it out, my hair felt gross. I wasn't overwhelmingly impressed with it, but it wasn't terrible.

I towel dried my hair as much as I could, but it is massively thick and I only had an hour to do this. I ended up applying the treatment to hair that was between 50-75% dry. I massaged it on, but I really wish that they would have specified how much to use — like, "A pea to dime-sized amount per segment for hair between chin and mid-back length."

I kind of guessed my way through it, and I used about 2/3 of the bottle. I don't really feel like I have product in my hair now, so I'm a bit concerned as to if I used enough. I combed it through with the Tangle Teezer, and sat down to wait for 30 minutes.

After my timer went off, I went in to blow dry. There was a slightly creamy smell, but not a chemicalish scent. I was a bit worried that it would be terrible, but it didn't smell bad at all. It blew dry in an amazing way! No frizz, and it was mostly straight. I then used my ancient, beat up Chi straightener, and it looked amazing.

I am sitting in class about two hours later, and while I have a bit of frizz, it isn't terrible. I will probably end up using a no-frizz serum while blow-drying next time, and I think that it will be perfect. It is far less than my usual frizz.

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