Sunday, May 8, 2011

Making plans and getting out.

As it starts to warm up, I start looking forward to traveling. While I don't currently have the funds to do any huge trips, I really enjoy the smaller road trips that my friends and I go on. I am currently planning two with my boyfriend:

1. We are going to the coast during the week between spring and summer term. I am super excited, because we have gone to this bed and breakfast twice now, and it is our special place now. We get the same room, and it is right on the beach. We go to the best Indian restaurant for pineapple fried rice for dinner, head straight out for a walk, and then go inside for wine and a movie that I always fall asleep in the middle of. Around two in the morning we head out to the hot tub, and then go to bed. Breakfast is the most amazing thing: German pancakes with caramel sauce. 

I love caramel sauce. 

It is an hour drive there and back, and I love every minute of it. We talk, point out random crap, and just relax. This place seems like another world. 

2. I want to take him to the island where I used to live. It is about 30 minutes outside of Seattle, and I want to take him when the blackberries are ripe. My aunt and I used to pick them in the summer, and it is one of the happiest memories that I have of that place. I also want to take him to the Mexican restaurant that is next door to my old office. They had the best taco saladish thing, and it is vegetarian.  

I will take him to do all the touristy things, but I really want for him to see the place I used to live, the beach I used to walk. 

I have yet to find a place for us to stay while there, but he loves bed and breakfast type places, and I feel somewhat obligated to hunt one down for him. I will love it, and it is really the only thing that is keeping me going while I wait for my college applications to go through and the sun to come out. 

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