Friday, May 27, 2011

The Friday Five

Soooo... This was my week:

We found a place! I am surprisingly in love with it. We will be on the second/top floor, which is something that I really wanted (built in exercise and we don't have to listen to people stomp around.) and has its own washer and dryer. It is in this secluded community in the hills, but is close enough to campus and grocery stores that I will be able to bike. I cannot wait.

While walking around the facility the woman was really praising their tanning beds, but warned me that we would have to pay a bit extra for them. It was insanely funny, because I was wearing an outfit that is very similar to the one above. I am even paler now than I am when that was taken. I can't tan, but I had tried that Jergens tanning lotion. My boyfriend almost died laughing, and I was just shooting him the death glare. Probably the funniest moment of my week. I also managed to delete 3/4 of my photos, so I was stuck with crappy photobooth pictures or an airport picture from January. I figured that the red eyes are better than super-blurriness.

I have a job interview on Tuesday! I am so, so hoping that I get this position. It is a temporary position, summer only, but it would make my life doable. I hate to get too into my personal life, but I need to make about $4,000 this summer to live without serious anxiety. (I mean serious anxiety as in "Am I going to be able to make this months rent/pay tuition, let alone ramen noodles for food" not "Will I be able to pay the Nordstrom bill this month?!") I may come off pretty frivolous here, but this year I got a bunch of gift cards for my birthday/Christmas, which allowed me to purchase my makeup. I don't want to come off as one of those people who whines about money but keeps purchasing like there is no tomorrow.

I'm going to attempt a strict policy of no-buy for the next month. I will give myself a $5 a week budget for a soda while out, or something of the like, but I will be trying to save even that. We shall see how this goes, because I tend to do smallish impulse purchases. This does exclude gift cards, because I have a bit of a Target one left over, as well as a Macy's card. I may need to repurchase my Prep+Prime SPF 50 and my usual SPF 15 lotion, and I don't count these cards as out of pocket spending.
I have gotten back into tumblr. I hate myself for it, because I can spend *hours* on there. I created a new account for the sheer joy of being able to start over!



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