Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not all (foaming) hair color is created equal: Sublime Mousse True Black review

I tried this about three weeks after I tried the John Frieda color (my hair has been growing crazy fast lately) and I had pretty high hopes for it. Here is how it worked out:

  • Easy to use.


  • "True" Black is brown, apparently. I know black, and this wasn't black. I wasn't expecting a blue black, but this was almost more brownish than the John Frieda was. The color was not the same as the color the model's hair was, not even close. I have mid-brown hair naturally, so it wasn't like this color would have had to radically change my hair. 
  • It made my hair feel roughish afterwards. Not terrible, but I used most of the conditioner right after using the dye.
  • It stained my skin. I wasn't expecting it to, because the John Frieda one washed right off. This one left dark marks just like a regular dye would.
  • My hair was dull-looking afterwards.


  • The packaging. Everything was just sort of thrown in there, and the gloves seemed to be of exceedingly low quality. 
Overall, I would not repurchase or recommend to someone else. I would advise coughing up the extra $2-3 for the John Frieda dye, because there is a massive difference between the two. I was deeply disappointed with this color. 

P.S. The model is insanely gorgeous yes? I mean, her eyes, her facial structure, her hair. Wow! 

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