Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy Final Review.

I really wanted to love this product. It seems like such a brilliant idea! It was easy to purchase, easy to do, but wasn't worth the time or effort.

As I said in my previous reviews, I don't have curly hair, so I just wanted this to work on my frizz. That was all I wanted — a noticeable improvement.

Unfortunately, I don't see one. I followed the directions to the letter — I straightened my hair upon waking up for two mornings, never let it touch water, I didn't sweat. I mean, I basically sat at my desk and did homework and watched Pushing Daisies on Netflix.

I washed it using the Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy products, and:

  • My hair still takes ages to dry. AGES! I didn't notice any changes in this area, and I was really hoping that I would. 
  • My hair is still frizzy and wavy.  
I have had maybe two really good hair days after using this product, and it *may* have had something to do with it, but I am doubtful. I feel that it is too damaging to the hair to be worth doing — straightening your hair multiple times in two days is not good for it, especially if it doesn't provide results. 

I did like how my hair looked right after applying the treatment itself and blowdrying it, so I can see using it as a sort of leave-in product on days I need to look decent.

Ultimately, the only time I saw frizz-reduction was during the first couple of days when the product itself was on my hair, and I would not repurchase this product.

However, it may reduce curl on someone who has super curly hair. I don't know. However, I wouldn't risk it, because I have a feeling that it could really mess with the curl pattern. 

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