Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nars Damned and other updates.

I know that I never added an image to my Nars Damned review, and here it is. I really, really love this color. I wish that it didn't make me seem so goth-like. I have nothing against people who wear the goth style, but it makes this color fairly unwearable for me. I work 8-5, and then I volunteer a few hours per week, both of which in professional environments that frown upon extreme looks. It really is a lovely color, and is one that I would re-purchase but will probably never use up.

I saw the cutest raccoon on my run this morning! It was HUGE and old, going slightly grey in its little black mask area. I saw it and stopped, and it saw me and seemed interested in me. I think someone around here is feeding it because I honestly believe that it would have walked up to me. Not in a mean way, but in a "I'm hungry and creatures like you feed me! What do you have to offer me?" way. 


  1. This colour is perfect for you, suits your colouring soo much. x


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