Friday, June 3, 2011

The Friday Five

I have been looking at storage for our soon-to-be apartment! That was the only downside, but I have always hated closets and preferred a clothing rack, and I will put my desk in the closet. 

I have the most terrible sore throat! I'm assuming it is from stress, but I'm tired of feeling crummy. 

I got rejected from my dream school. I found out while in class, stood up, and walked out. I texted B, and then I walked down to my current schools art gallery. He was waiting there for me, and I told him not to be sympathetic, because I didn't want to cry on campus. He got this look on his face, and that caused two tears, the only ones that I have cried. I'm numb and empty now. My dreams are dead, and I have failed.  

Finals are next week, and I will also find out whether or not I got the job next week. I'm dying of nerves.

I took two classes with one instructor this term, and I always wondered if he didn't like me. He just seemed somewhat annoyed whenever I said something in class, and whenever I would see him in the hall he would seemingly work to avoid me (and I wasn't trying to talk to him, usually I'm heading for my volunteer job and running a tad late, so all I can manage is a smile and a "Hi, Dr. ......") 
I turned in my final assignment, and he took me aside after class and told me that he really liked my work and would be willing to write a reference for me. It was the only bright spot of my week.

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