Saturday, June 18, 2011

Maybelline Salon Expert Nail Color Retro Red Review/Personal rantings.

I love this color. Seriously, it is the most perfect red for my skin tone. However, I am fairly certain that it has been discontinued, and that makes me all sad inside. This is a polish that I would definitely buy again, and the flat, curved brush really does help with the precision. 

I have had three people try to pick me up in the tackiest of ways today. I always feel bad turning people down though, so I came home and hunted down the most wedding-looking ring I own. I am not a huge fan of this ring, but this way I can just say "Sorry, I'm married" instead of awkwardly stammering and walking off. (Not saying I'm super hot, just saying that I was the only chick braving the rain today in heels. These guys were older and desperate, I'm quite mediocre looking, I know.)

Just in case anyone is curious: if you want to pick up a chick in the coffee shop, there is a right and a wrong way to do so. My local library has a little cafe in it and is located right next to the bus station. I had thirty minutes to wait for my bus and I decided that I could dash over, look at a book, and get myself a delicious bagel and a latte. I was in a kind of low mood, but I was acting perky so that I wouldn't come off as sad. I stood in line, placed my order, and then stood there waiting.

 This man had been staring at me the entire time that I was in line, and I had been hoping that he wouldn't approach me. Unfortunately, he did. He came up and started asking what I was doing today, telling me that he had a special appointment with a realtor to look at additional properties today, etc. He made two mistakes: 

First — Don't try to impress people with money. If I was the type of person who went into a relationship for financial gain, my blog would be *far* sexier and self promoting. I worked in real estate before, and I remember the types of people that we would get on weekends – outside of our normal office hours. Half of the people were deeply apologetic for making us come out to meet them on the weekend. They realized that, just like them, we ran a business and have family and friends. The other half of the people felt completely and utterly entitled to it. They are purchasing something, and therefore we must yield to their every whim. The funny thing is that most of the people in this group had very average incomes.

Entitlement is not going to create attraction, at least not for me. I want someone who can acknowledge that the person who is behind the counter at Starbucks is a human being exactly like us, but has different circumstances. The fact that they make more or less than we do doesn't mean that they are obligated to do something for us. 

The second mistake is a big one: Timing. It was early, I was tired, and I wanted my coffee. I was planning on sitting down and enjoying my bagel, maybe taking the later bus, and then looking at the book sale that the library was having. If he had come up to me and asked me to sit with him while I was looking for a seat with my coffee and bagel I would have been far more receptive. I still would have said no, because I am seeing someone already, but if I were single I would probably accept an invitation like that. 

I ended up leaving as soon as I got my food because I didn't want to deal with him. I was tired and have a low awkward threshold. 

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  1. Lovely shade of red - i think i might snap this up next time i'm out shopping. Thank you for posting x


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