Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bobble Bottle Review

I'm sure that you have noticed the trend in my posts thus far: self-improvement. 

It isn't that I feel I have any huge issues, but I know that there are a few areas of my life that I could do better in, such as health and finances. I tend to be crummy about getting enough water in and more than willing to stop and buy a latte or a diet soda. They taste good, but my bank account looks pretty sad, and I feel wretched when I don't have access to enough caffeine. 

I saw this bottle at my local Target. I thought it was super cute, and I was hoping to have something that I could carry with me to class/work and enjoy decent tasting water. I'm a bit of a water snob, and I hate water that smells/tastes bad. This bottle has a built in purifier, and I assumed that it would clear up the taste. 

Unfortunately, this bottle is far more trouble than it is worth. I got the super-cute pink one, cleaned it as directed, and put water in it. You cannot use ice with this bottle, which is an annoyance, but fairly common. I took a few sips of the water, and it is meh. Not necessarily bad, but off in a way that I can't quite define. I wouldn't mind the flavor or the lack of cold water so much if it weren't for how difficult it is to actually *get* a drink of water. 

You know how you get a super thick milkshake and you have to suck and suck and suck before you get to anything? You have the same experience with this bottle, but you only get water after all the effort. To be honest, it isn't worth the effort. I think the bottle design is adorable, the idea is brilliant, but the finished product isn't very good. The bottle itself is quite thin, almost like a plastic soda bottle, and I feel like I have to be super careful with it for fear of destroying it accidentally. 

Overall, I do not recommend this bottle and would not repurchase.

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