Thursday, September 29, 2011

I have a new job!!!!!!!!

Yes. I am wearing a shirt. And sweatpants. And I may have had a couple of celebratory glasses of wine. However, I deserved it. It has been a long day, and none of the outlets in the bedroom work. And the washer is broken. 

Enough of my whining! 

I have a new job! It is absolutely perfect for me. I will be working Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. I think I mentioned before that I don't need a full time job, just something that will allow me to put gas in my car and save a tiny bit for the future. This job will allow me to do that and still have a tiny bit of a social life. My old job ended last Thursday, and it took less than a week for me to realize that I was going to go insane without something to do and a steady income. 

I will probably look for an additional part time job Sunday through Thursday, but this definitely takes away that panic of not knowing if I'm going to be okay financially and the agonizing boredom that goes with. 

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