Sunday, September 11, 2011

What I'm up to:

  • I'm looking for a new car. I'm trying to decide if I will go for something cheap, that I'm mostly indifferent to but will leave me with tiny car payments, or something that is $3,000 more that I really love and would enjoy. Driving is a great joy of mine, so I'm really leaning towards the more expensive car. It fits into my budget, but it would make things a tiny bit tighter. However, if I can find a new job, I won't have to worry at all. Which leads to point number two:
  • I am finishing up my current job and looking for a new one. I loved working for my present employer, and am still eligible for rehire, but the seasonal job is up and it would cut into my classes to train to stay on permanently. I'm really bummed, and looking for a little part time job that will have more public involvement in the future. 
  • I'm packing up my stuff here, and prepping to move into my new apartment. I'm both crazy excited and nervous. 
  • I'm getting ready for classes to start! I have a few volunteer things set up, the reading list for one of my classes started, and will be mentoring some of the first-year students from one of my favorite instructors. I can't wait.

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