Thursday, September 1, 2011

Diorshow Mascara: A review.

This was a mascara that I really wanted to love, but ended up having a few issues with. It has such a cult following that I assumed that it was going to be amazing, and I was mistaken. 

First off, it does work fairly well. It isn't a terrible mascara, but it is nothing to write home about. I loved it initially, but have found myself falling out of love with it after using it for nearly a month. My main issue is the morning after: If I don't remove it completely before going to bed, it burns like crazy the next morning in the shower. 

I know that you may be thinking "how hard is it to wash your face at night?" It isn't that hard, but sometimes I get home really late and don't want to wake up my grandmum, and I end up using one of those facial cleansing towelette things. Not the best way to clean my face, but better than just going to bed with all of my makeup on. 

As I said, on the nights I don't remove everything completely, I get extreme irritation the next morning if I so much as touch my eyes. I don't mean "Oh, that is uncomfortable" I mean "Oh my god, this hurts so much!" with redness and visible irritation.

Also, there was something odd with the seal on my tube. For some reason I ended up with a bunch of build-up on the threading where the tube twisted shut. I don't know why, because I never have that problem with mascara and don't pump my brush in and out. I have grown annoyed with constantly wiping down the tube after re-sealing it because it sort of splooshes out the side. 

The mascara itself isn't anything to write home about. It works slightly better than my old Grow Luscious mascara, but only slightly and costs three times as much. 

Overall, I do not plan to buy it again. 

I'm actually planning to try Benefit "They're Real!" mascara next. 

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