Sunday, September 4, 2011

Products I tried in August: One Fell Swoop.

This is strictly meh. It doesn't really remove my very basic eye makeup very well, which was disappointing. I wear a thin strip of dark grey eyeliner, mascara that isn't waterproof, and an eyeshadow from the Naked Palette. None of these products have been especially difficult for other makeup removers to demolish, yet this one doesn't seem to budge it. I'm seriously thinking about slathering my face with this before I leave the house on rainy days, because this shit apparently makes my makeup impossible to budge.

Also, it smells like olive oil, but isn't especially moisturizing or nourishing. I don't recommend.

Nyx Eyeliner

I tried several different shades, and I really like them. I will be featuring them soon! 

The Urban Decay Naked Palette is the best eyeshadow purchase I have ever made. I'm a huge nude shadow addict, and this gives me a billion options in one easy-to-transport palette. My boyfriend and I are currently long distance, and I do a lot of overnight trips there and a few road trips with my friends. This allows me to travel light, but still do a few different looks. I love the brush that came with it, and the Primer Potion is amazing. I waited a long time to purchase this palette, and even though it was expensive, it was worth it. 

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