Monday, March 28, 2011

1,001 Beautiful Things: Days 25-31

Doing better in something you love. This is the second term that I've taken ballet, and I really love it. The instructor complimented me on my form, and it made me smile. Will I ever be amazing? No. But I want to be the absolute best that I can be.

Being more responsible. Lately I have actually been writing down appointments and assignments in my little diary, and actually checking it and following through. It is very nice. 

Dressing up, even when I don't feel like it. Sometimes I get a bit reclusive and distant when I'm tired/hurt. This week I've been pretty tired, but I'm still forcing myself to do my hair, nails and makeup. I actually feel better afterwards! 

Choosing to act happy for someone else's sake. I have decided to give it another go with him. He says that I make him happy. I will put an effort in, and I will really try to be more positive whenever I am around him. Our relationship ended because he got snippy with me, and I just turned off. I will try to stay "on" this time. 

Watching my skin clear up. I have been using tretinoin cream for the past two weeks in an attempt to clear up my skin. Initially, it got really bad. It is just now starting to clear up, and it makes me happy. 

Doing something useful when I can't sleep. I have had a bit of insomnia lately because I have been a bit worried about college applications/interviews. When I get worried, I exercise more and somehow sleep less. I used to try to force myself to stay in bed, try to convince myself that the nighttime yoga and Sleepytime tea were going to kick in soon, and I just needed to stay in bed. Now? I get up, read some blogs, do my nails, tidy up my bedroom/bathroom, something. If I am going to be awake, I'm going to be productive. 
Guess what? It actually helps me manage to fall asleep eventually! I guess the lack of pressure helps. 

All images from weheartit, if it is yours please let me know and I will credit! 

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