Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What I'm going to do these next few months....

Tomorrow is my last final for this term, and then I have a week break before next term. I've decided to set a few goals for the next term just so that I can have the joy of checking them off and the ability to have a record of what I have done.

These are my goals for Wednesday, March 16th to Wednesday, June 15th.

— I want to run 7 miles a day between now and the first day of next term (Wednesday the 16th to Sunday the 20th.) Not for any particular reason, but I'm not a runner and I want to see if I can force myself to actually push it that far.

— I want to read 25 books, and review them here. I tend to read far less during the term, and I don't like that I have gone from reading for pleasure all the time to watching Netflix for pleasure instead.

— Moisturize!!!! I tend to be incredibly lazy with the body moisturizing thing because I have average skin. I don't get super dry so I just kind of blow it off. My skin looks way better when I actually put a tiny bit of effort in, and I want to try to moisturize twice a day.

— Eat healthily. I'm a bit pudgy right now, and it is from a diet that consists mainly of Mentos and cupcakes. I don't really want/need to lose weight, but I do need to watch what I eat. I think that it might help me avoid getting a cold again too :( This isn't a very defined goal, but basically have more "good" food choices than poor ones.

— Exercise! I'm taking a yoga class along with my ballet class this term, so I should be fairly well covered on this goal.

— I want to force myself to remove my makeup before I go to bed every night. I'm really terrible about this, and I'm not quite sure why. I'm quite obsessive about brushing my teeth before bed, but I tend to get distracted with other things and I end up falling asleep with the day still on my face. Icky, and I'm sure that contributes to my occasional blemishes.

— I want to post 20 outfit of the day posts. I always plan to do one, and then I get lazy and don't.

— I want to comment on other people's blogs every day. See, I read a lot of fashion/lifestyle blogs, and I am always too chicken to comment. The thing is that I really wouldn't mind having people comment on my blog, and I'm sure they feel the same way. Why am I so chicken?

— I want to post 50 product reviews. I have a lot of nail polish/makeup. I'm not kidding, it is what I use to reward myself when I have a good day, and to boost my spirits when I have a bad day.

— I want to create my own layout over spring break. I have been wanting to teach myself some basic web design stuff, and I have just been lazy about it.

— I want to continue my 1,001 beautiful things posts daily. I'm trying to find one beautiful thing in each day, and it isn't always easy. I'm hoping this will get me in the habit of it.

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