Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1,001 Beautiful Things: Day 25

I have this friend — I love her, but she can be a complete and utter cow sometimes. Today, however, she gave me the most unexpected unintentional compliment.

She told me that I've never been the hookup type.

I'm not the type of girl who wants to get married, and I never have. I don't like the idea of being chained. Some take this view to mean that I like to sleep around/can't commit. That isn't true, and it was nice to know that she sees that.

I like committed relationships, mainly because I don't want diseases/I really, really like cuddles. Really. I mean cuddles in an innocent way — the idea of coming home to someone after a wretched day makes me all warm inside. I just don't need to be married to be committed to someone, and I don't believe that you only have one great love in your life — I believe that you can have two or three people who you really love, and who love you with all of themselves.

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