Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Interview options.

I'm applying to 2.5 billion different universities, and I'm hoping to at least get an interview from one. I don't have a lot of interview clothing, so I did some fantasy online shopping. All of these items are laughably far out of my budget (the chances of my being able to afford one of these dresses are better than me getting accepted to one of these universities though....)

I like the idea of making an old style fresh — I know that it needs to be conservative, but I need my clothing to be interesting, and I believe that these outfits would make me memorable. Surprisingly enough, I found more dresses than shoes — I found the perfect pair to wear with each of these!


I love this because it is a basic black shift, but not overly boring.


This is my favorite out of all of them, but is an unfortunate picture of it. I really liked the image of it on the Neiman Marcus site.


I love these shoes so, so much. They have personality, but are cutting and professional at the same time.

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