Thursday, February 23, 2012


Last Monday Brandon and I didn't have class, and he has decided that he wants to go to Southern Oregon University. I refuse to apply to a school that I haven't heard of/haven't visited, and we decided to make the drive after I got off work. We left our area around 11pm, and arrived in Ashland around 4 am. We stopped by the first hotel we saw had vacancies, and were asked if we could wait thirty minutes. 

Odd, really. It was a huge hotel, part of a large chain, and I can't imagine that the same person who manned the desk cleaning the rooms. What could possibly have changed in thirty minutes? Did he really think that I was going to wait that long when all I wanted to do is sleep? Did he need to hide the bodies and turn off the "vacancies" signs? I'm still somewhat weirded out. 

Anyway, I am indifferent to SOU. It seems really small and more expensive and isolated than it is worth. I am going to spend a little bit of time thinking about it, but I'm doubtful. 

It does have some crazy gorgeous scenery though....

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