Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I have decided to do  this challenge put on by fatmumslim!! I'm determined to make it happen :) 

Today's photo is of my electric blanket control. An odd view, sure. But here is why: 

Today has been incredibly full. I went to class, turned in a ton of paperwork and did a ton of homework. I went grocery shopping, fun shopping, and then I went to the gym, andddddd:

My Zumba instructor is pregnant! I'm so happy for her. Her life is in the perfect place for her to have a baby, and everyone is thrilled for her. Her husband is waiting on her hand and foot, her family is excited, and I'm oddly thrilled for her. I'm not usually a baby-gushing type — I'm not planning on having kids. (Not that I don't like them, but I want to be a surgeon. Surgeons are busy!)  

For some reason, it just made me super happy for her. 

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  1. I love when people announce they are pregnant, it always makes me really happy


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