Saturday, February 4, 2012


I have a love-hate relationship with tinted moisturizers. I love them, because they work so well on my skin in the winter, but I hate them because they are the only thing that works on my skin in the winter. Couple that with the fact that I'm ghastly pale, it didn't bode well for this one at all. I had read all about it online, and so many people seemed to love it that I fell into the all-too-common blogger trap of hype.

My first issue was the woman that sold it to me. I went in there looking to buy blush and eyeliner and to inquire about the tinted moisturizer. I thought that it would be too dark on me, but the saleswoman assured me that it was perfect! And, truthfully, in the flattering light of the Nordstrom makeup area, it was. 

Unfortunately, it oxidizes like mad and becomes far more orange about ten minutes later. Also: you must set this with powder or you will become shine city. I have such dry skin that shiny skin has never been a problem for me. This stuff sits on top of your skin, and the only way to make it work is to powder the daylights out of it. 

My second issue, and the one that really ruined it for me, is the terrible packaging. It has leaked into the cap since day one. It didn't leave my makeup counter for its first month in my home, and was always left on its side, and yet every morning I opened it up to a mess. I typically try to keep my makeup clean. I feel like I have invested in it, and because I have invested in it, I really should take care of it. This product is so awkwardly watery and oily (like a cheap, low spf sunscreen) that no matter how well I clean it and close it, it manages to leak out again within twenty-four hours. 

It has now become my "post-gym" makeup: The stuff that I put on after I get out of the shower before I leave the gym. I hate to be there without at least a base on*, but I don't want to have anything super nice rattling around in my bag.

*I would love to work at the gym I go to in the near future, so I always try to look at least somewhat put together. I'm not crazy vain! Just trying to be professional :)

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  1. I love Laura Mercier, though I cannot afford it :(

    ((I always wore makeup post gym!))


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