Tuesday, February 21, 2012


In the past two weeks, my life has exploded. Most of it has been awesome, but today was somewhat sad. 
My old black Macbook died. Now, I know that it may not seem like that big of a deal — it is just a computer. But it was my first computer. I worked my butt off to pay for that beast, and it has been good to me for nearly five years. Literally no problems whatsoever, until it passed quietly today into the land of "refuses to acknowledge charger, dead battery, Mac store people say it is a total loss." 
It was my close friend. It travelled with me, had photo booth pictures of me with my natural hair color, bleached blonde hair, and my horribly unfortunate shaved head.

It saw me through multiple blogs, multiple communities, and multiple life changes. It was my friend. 

Good bye, Macbook. You were my first computer, and will always hold a special place in my heart. 

This means that... I'm typing this post from my brand new Macbook Pro! It was ridiculously expensive, and I might end up living off of rice for the next year and a half, but I knew that my old computer was going to die and had been saving accordingly for the past year. I might be in love, and I may have driven two hours just to be able to pick it up today. 

I have been in the house for just long enough to change into comfy clothing and start my setup. If you can tell, I'm literally sitting by the front door! I have a little basket that I store magazines that I'm using to hold my computer at the moment. My new Macbook is two inches wider than my old one (15 inches v. 13) and my desk isn't clear enough for it yet. 

Side note: You can kind of see it in the pictures, but while out at thrift stores earlier this past week I came across the most hideous flannel shirt. It goes down to my knees, has an enormous hood, and is made out of four different colors of plaid flannel. It is by far the least fashionable thing I own, and is therefore the most comfortable. And I'm sharing it in all of its awesomeness with the internet.

I will regret these pictures in five years (or tomorrow morning, depending.)

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