Monday, January 23, 2012


I have been on the hunt for a good dupe for my beloved Dior Color Reviver Balm. I love it to pieces, it works really well for me, and I wear it probably three days a week. Unfortunately, it is roughly $30 a tube. I don't mind spending that much for a product that works so well, but if I can find a good dupe for cheap, I would be thrilled. 

Unfortunately, this is not that balm. It isn't anything like it, not even in consistency. 

However, we can start with the packaging. I really like the packaging! I feel like it is very simple and elegant — I wouldn't feel ashamed to whip this out in public. 

The downside of this is the formula. I wouldn't have minded the color being different, except for the fact that the formula is so mediocre. It is a hard balm, and difficult to apply. You have to rub it over your lips several times to warm it up enough to apply it, and it sits on top of your lips. It feel grainy, while on the lips, and smells terrible. I can't really describe the scent, except for a synthetic type of petroleum jelly. 

The color is nothing to write home about. It looks like a vibrant baby pink in the package, yet has no color on my lips. I have very, very pale lips. It doesn't take a lot to add color to them, and this one does nothing. 

I'm surprised, because L'oreal's lip products are usually pretty good. They did a limited edition red a few years back, and I am still trying to find more of it. I bought five tubes, and it was perfect in both scent and consistency, not to mention color.

This one is included strictly for the hilarity factor. 

*I did the face shots in the mirror to hide how dry my skin is. I started a new acne treatment, and it has dried me out. I didn't want to ick you out with a close up of my face!

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