Sunday, August 7, 2011

Why did I wait so long?

Me looking completely and utterly slaughtered with frizzy hair and messed-up makeup. YAY!

I met my boyfriend's father today. He is literally the nicest man I have ever met, second to my fantastically awesome boyfriend. I mean, it may be his "first meeting" persona, but he just radiated warmth. I was seriously just like... wow. His sense of humor lined up so well with mine, and I hope that he liked me as much as I liked him. It may seem weird, but it is a huge deal to me. My boyfriend's mum was underwhelmed with me, and I'm hoping that his father will at least be accepting of me. It would make our future so much easier, with holidays and such. I don't want every other Christmas to be stiff and uncomfortable. 

I just avoided it so much, out of fear. I'm really hoping to stop using fear as an excuse from here on in. 

Also, he has the friendliest dogs ever. I left wanting a dog soooooo badly. Terrible, I know. 

I miss my boyfriend so much! I have one month of this job left. Just.One.Month. I like my work, but I love being with him. I'm making plans for our apartment, and I'm just so excited. 

Also, there is a ninja spider in my bedroom. It sprinted out in front of me on the rug, and before I could put my computer down to annihilate it, it ran back under a huge piece of furniture. Yes, I'm unhappy. Evil little buggers. I let them live if they are outside, but the second they invade my home, they are asking to die. I'm more than willing to assist them in their suicide.

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