Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Skin Care Chronicles: Part One.

My face has been miserably dry lately. Miserably! I'm not quite sure why it has been so dry, especially when I have been moisturizing faithfully and drinking plenty of water. I'm actually thinking about blaming the air conditioning at my office — I'm bloody frozen all day, worse than the wintertime. 

Anyway... I have been searching for the perfect moisturizer for a while now. I tend to buy a massive jar of it, and then get bored/get a bad reaction/find something that looks better and the jar ends up being halfway used and left alone. This time, I got smart. I went in to Sephora, and got a mini jar of it — a half ounce. 

I plan to write a gloriously long review about it later on, but I just have two things to say now:

One: it made my face look AWESOME today when I used it before my makeup/Prep+Prime. 

Two (and perhaps the most important): This shit smells awful. Like, tried to be lemony-fresh and ended up smelling like bile. Seriously, it is like an acidic lemon scent. 

This may be difficult for me, because I really am picky about the scents of products that I put on my face, but my skin seems to really like it. These are only my initial thoughts though, and it may destroy my skin or magically start smelling delicious, though I am doubtful. 

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