Thursday, May 3, 2012


I know I have been absent lately, but it has been for good reasons. First of all, I have decided to apply to the university I want to, instead of the most convenient option. It was a hard choice, because it will mean moving several hours away from Brandon, and basically walking away from a secure thing: my relationships with him and my instructors, my job, etc.

I admit, I'm terrified. What if I don't get in? What if I get in and hate it? What if I don't do well? But underneath all of the fear and anxiety is a real, true joy and excitement that I have not felt in a while.

I will be living in the dorms, which will be a completely new experience. I will be completely on my own, with no family or friends in the area. I will have to make new friends, and find my way around a new city.

Yes, I'm scared. But I'm also really, really excited.


  1. Oh you will have so much fun! I did the same thing and I was so sad to be away from everyone in a big city alone but I made so many friends and had an absolute blast! :-)

  2. university is an amazing experience! I was terrifed too but settled in quickly, good luck x
    - ordaining serendipity


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