Friday, April 20, 2012


I hate to be negative, but it just has to be done. Best Buy has failed me a total of three times now, and I am incredibly frustrated. First time is an accident, second time is carelessness, and the third time is completely unacceptable. I am only so forgiving.

As I said before, my month old Macbook has had issues from day one. My caps lock key has been sluggish from the beginning, which didn't bother me enough to part with it for the time it would take to have it fixed. But when I did an update that caused it to make a grinding noise, and then a loud clicking noise started later on that day, I knew I had to have it looked at.

I bought my Macbook Pro from Best Buy. I payed the extra $400+ to have their three year warranty on it. I should have known better, because I had terrible shipping issues with them before (they tried to tell me that it had already been delivered to my house, and told me that they had called an office that I knew for a fact had been closed for three hours. I got the item a week later, an item that they had finally placed the order for the day I went in to complain.)

The nightmare began when I arrived with my computer. They were "updating" their system, and therefore couldn't find my information in the system. I had just made a payment on my bill, so I had all my paperwork there. They couldn't use that information to look up my account because the Geek Squad "isn't allowed access to that information." Lovely that they are so secure, but they couldn't use my ITEMIZED RECEIPT to start servicing my computer? 

They finally managed to find my information (after I waited for about thirty minutes and had to find a manager) and told me it would be three weeks. I would have liked for there to have been a loaner computer, or at least a crappy netbook, but I will let that one go.

It didn't take the full three weeks, only about 8 days. I was very pleased with this turnaround time, except for the fact that when I went to pick it up, they said nothing was wrong with it and quote "The sounds I heard were the disc drive winding down."

I may come off as a dumb blonde, but four of my "techie" friends (people who have built their own linux boxes) heard the clicking sound and said it was not a good thing. They also said that the caps lock key is "supposed to be like that on this model." I'm sorry, but I bought the second most expensive Apple laptop. I type over a hundred words a minute. My old craptastic black Macbook has never had this problem, nor is its disc drive as noisy as this one's apparently is. 

Honestly, I feel like they blew me off. I don't understand their corporate issues, especially when I know that they are having financial issues. The people on the general sales/Geek Squad team are nice, but they have little to no power. I have a feeling that they spend a great deal of their time getting yelled at, and I feel terrible for them. 

Ultimately, I will not shop at Best Buy again. Brandon and I are looking for a television, and while we plan to shop at a brick-and-mortar store, we will not use them. 

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