Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I am losing my mind. Slowly. 

Brandon has an internship and will be leaving for another state by June 18. Portland State still hasn't gotten back to me, and won't for at least two weeks. Meanwhile, we have to be out of our apartment by June 29. I have no idea where I am going to go. I really don't want to move in with my parents. So yes, at this point I am so stressed out that my attention span is non existent, my eyes twitch whenever I close them, and I feel like I could sleep for all eternity but I need to run a marathon. 

In other news, I bought a lipstick! Nars Funny Face is my new favorite. 

I am super washed out, but I love this color! It is a full, rich pink that somehow manages to work with my constantly dry lips. It isn't exactly true to the color in the tube though — 

Which I am grateful for! I would never have looked at it, but the SA looked at me and said I had to try it. I usually don't look so great with rose hues, which is what this looks like in the tube. It is far brighter and much more red than it looks, which is wonderful. All in all, a wonderful offering from Nars. I'm a wee bit addicted!

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