Sunday, July 1, 2012


- The above is what the bedroom at our old apartment has looked like for the past week. We bought a new bed, and took all the furniture we needed, and kind of hoped that it would disappear before our lease ran out. 

- Getting a mediocre grade on a test I had studied incredibly hard for (a 91%, which is not good enough for the hours I put in) and whining about it to the man next to me, who then responded that he got a C. I officially feel like an ass. 

- Losing my deodorant in the moving process and not having a chance to run out to the store for more. Why yes, I am wearing Brandon's deodorant. Smelling like a man is not awkward at all!  

- Working 8 days in a row, having one day off, and returning for another two shifts. All without overtime pay. While taking a 4 credit three week long Spanish class from 9-12 every day. 


-The above is what the bedroom at our old apartment looks like now. We managed to clean out everything and get all of our deposit back! Our landlords our notorious for not returning their tenant's deposits. Slightly less awesome: All the stuff in the top photo did not magically disappear, and is now in our new apartment.

- I may have a chance to study in Chillan, Chile this fall! Nothing is set in stone yet, but if I am able to find a way to pay for it I would leave September fourth and return December fourth. I'm meeting with the advisor on Tuesday!

- Honey Dijon Kettle Chips. Oh my goodness, we just started carrying them at work and I think I have eaten a mini-bag per shift. So incredibly delicious. 

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