Friday, October 7, 2011

Evil Shades!!!!!

I got the stuff I ordered from Evil Shades today! This is not a proper review, just an excited "YAYYYYYY!" post. I'm going to take good photos and post all about it tomorrow. It is too dark here for me to get a decent photo now. I'm wearing Lost Kiss on my lips in this photo though :)

Right now, I'm loving:

Dr. Pepper TEN

Dark eyeliner and sparkly shadow

Green Tea

Dangly Earrings

Right now, I'm wanting:

A weekend away

Burberry Lipsticks (All of them, or at least all of the nudes/reds)

A soft, buttery leather satchel to carry my laptop/textbooks

Amazon to get the books I sold back so I can finally order a Kindle

Right now, I'm loathing:

The fact that my physics instructor has to teach. He is a nice enough guy, but incapable of teaching. Condescending with no sense of humor. Example: He asked us to make a graph in Excel today. I asked him what sort of graph (line, bar, etc.) He responded by telling me that I should understand Microsoft Office products because they are essential in business. It isn't that I don't understand how to use it. I just don't know what he wants.

The weirdness of starting a new job. 

Being lonely. 

Not being able to exercise. I've literally been too busy this week. Every 20 minute segment of my day has been planned out, and I'm ready to relax! 


  1. from the picture it looks like a lovely shade. and i have a boss that sounds just like this teacher of yours...

  2. Oo looks like a lovely shade. I used to have a teacher much like that! They're so frustrating

    L x


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